Steel frame structure

  • Land acquisition.
  • Coordination of 3rd party reports and land entitlements.
  • Review of local/state authorities having jurisdiction.
  • Assemble Architectural and Civil design team, manage the design process for preparation of permit submittals, and manage the competitive bidding process.
  • Offer clients flexible development models such as wholly-owned, joint-venture, or 100% physician or client owned.
  • Coordinate with client’s design team, operational teams, and FF&E procurement vendors.
  • OGA takes pride in our ability to move quickly with no restraints on financing or outside sources of equity.
  • Develop off balance sheet buildings for clients and provide fee development services to clients who wish to own their buildings.


  • Schedule Management – We continually monitor the schedule progress in a “time is of the essence” manner. We understand that our clients have certain time-related constraints (competitive, financial, regulatory, etc.) that can affect overall project success
  • Cost Management – Our team continually monitors the project budget to assure that costs do not exceed approved levels. We have the ability to manage project costs through effective project management and creative value engineering, as required
  • Quality Management – As real estate owners with a “long-term hold” mentality, OGA exceeds in developing high quality, efficient, and tenant-friendly facilities that will perform optimally for the life of the asset
  • Risk Management –OGA identifies and manages potential project risk factors such as regulatory, environmental, life safety and construction-related items that could threaten project success.
  • Functions as an outsourced service provider to our clients handing both large and small construction projects.


A push pin is inserted on a travel destination of a map.

  • Utilize patient profiles to identify core sub-markets.
  • Map overlay of specific demographic targets and site search parameters to pin-point specific trade intersections.
  • Identify direct/indirect competition sources by utilizing NAICS codes and on the ground reconnaissance.
  • Identify other important geographical landmarks such as schools, grocery stores, major retail corridors, etc.
  • Analyze critical retail factors affecting individual sites such as traffic counts, zoning, access, signage availability, setbacks and impact of other local zoning/code requirements.


  • Provide clients with value based advice on new leases, existing leases and renewals. Our advice has resulted in significant savings for the clients who have engaged us to provide these services.
  • OGA performs market rent studies to validate the economic terms being offered.
  • OGA performs building condition assessments on assets that are being acquired to identify capital needs for our clients.
  • Assist clients with portfolio analysis when making acquisitions.